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This movie is about 5 girls at a sleepover party. But 4 out 5 girls are in trouble when a murderer is at the sleepover.

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Everytime you get invite to a sleepover, you'll suspect fun, girls have fun, nothing to worry about. But this time there in great danger. When miranda dies of a gun shot in the back four times and her neck slit from a knife. While the girls are trying to leave the house, they also are trying to figure out who killed Miranda. Could it be the jock, Madison whoss dream guy crushed her. The nerd, Brianna who everyone makes fun of cause she is different. Miley, the girl who isntt that bright. Or Amber the girl who made the sleepover and is a bit of a trouble maker?


Its the tenth anniversary of the brutal killing at a sleepover in the town of Edison. Everyone wants to give a remembrance to those who died that night.

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